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A figure of a Japanese man holds a phoenix in his hand, representing rebirth, and in each of his hands stretching outward are symbols of the 47 Japanese prefectures. Commemorating the 3/11/11 earthquake and tsunami recovery.

artist proceeds from this image benefit the Japanese Red Cross
image modeled after Gackt

see items such as mugs, tees, prints here http://society6.com/karadin/
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The very talented fan and monochrome artist Uchimura Seiko will once again hold another exhibit on Jan.26~31, 2012 at the same place, Gallery Takahashi Nakajima in Nagano.  (I wish I could go and see all her works. T^T and I wonder if G has seen it yet.)

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I'm not well this evening so skipped my kung fu class and, instead, did what you do when your feverish mind won't obey orders: I played with Gackt! 

Artist: unknown photographer + PhotoShop + me
Rating: topless but safe(ish)
Subject: Gackt as stage angel
Warnings: can't think of any
Critique welcome: yes (I'll just blame my teacher - you know you who are!)

I'm sure this YFC final shot must have had this treatment before but here's my cheesy version (is meant as medicine for both the ill and the healthy):

If anyone wants to match the image with some proper words to make a Word and Image, I'll happily send along the base without the text.
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Here's my entry for the current challenge. It's a paper cutting/kirie of Gackt. I used a picture from the Nemuri photobook as a reference.

I drew out a pattern digitally, transferred it to tracing paper, placed that on the black paper, and cut away. This is the result of a few lost attempts (this is easy to totally ruin in just one misguided stroke ;-;), but is one of the first paper cutting I've ever tried.
I wanted to thank you, Karadin, for the inspiration post on kirie. I hadn't ever thought to try something like that before, and I really, really enjoy it! ^^

I've also got a WIP picture, if anyone's interested, I'll put it under a cut
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Artist: rikuness/Aqua
Theme: old fashioned chibi G (semi-Victorian)
I've always thought GACKT is a very old-fashioned kind of person, hence the theme. ^^
It's a fairly simple costume: dark blue overcoat with golden buttons and trim, a white semi-frilly cravat, blue contacts (to look more European), a small black top hat (he's tipping his hat in the pic; the perfect gentleman!), white gloves and pants and black lace-up boots. In his left hand he has a cane with a silver Moon symbol thingy at the top.
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
If he were to wear this for a concert, the concert would be at the end of his career. The concert's theme would kinda be like "time travel" and it showcases his entire career from the start to the end, so he would wear this at the very beginning of the concert (and in my mind, he would enter the stage in a horse drawn carriage with JOB and dancers as a fanfare ^^). Then it would go through his career and past concerts until the present. ^_^ (and again, in my mind, he'd exit the stage riding a... huge robot... GUNDAM!)

Anyways, that's my entry! ^_^ I hope it's okay that I took a pic instead of scanning (I don't like using the scanner...) ><
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Artist Karadin
Theme: Gacktway 2 contest - Victorian GACKT
Vest pattern is by Charles Rennie Mackintosh (1868 – 1928) in his rose and tears textile pattern (original colours), black embroidery on trousers adapted from Mackintosh rose pattern.
Gauntlets and military boots shiny patent leather. Top hat and top lapels on coat in matching black velvet. Waistcoat Omeshi Silk with jet buttons trimmed in black silk.
Coat in black, midnight blue, and fuschia shot-silk yarn-dyed taffeta. (also called colour changing taffeta because it has an iridescent quality)
Eternity white diamond and white gold cross necklace designed by GACKT 2010
Gackt's borrowed his monocle from me and his riding crop from Sherlock.

(click for large)

*this entry will not be entered in for Nemuri Goods prize*
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Rating G
Warnings none
Critique welcome yes
Colour print and Japanese chiyogami papers

Mugs, tees, totes available at
Prints, cards, available at
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Artist Karadin
Media Japanese chiyogami papers and colour print
Model: GACKT
Warnings partial nudity
Crit welcome
(image now in new style)

Image of Japanese triton - figure with two tails, design based upon Japanese weapons and armor, featuring a 'Horagai' conch shell used in ancient Japan during battle.

(click for large)

find merchandise with this image at
ships international!
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In winter, the line between day and night is blurred. This summer's morning declares itself publicly, tilting bucket on the ground softly pink Scorchlings. Winter dirty dawn creeps up quietly, stealthily. As a professional killer.
Darya R. Suggestion

Gackt-Winter Dawn

by ~Kot1ka on deviantART
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Sooner or later, Gackt was bound to meet Sherlock and John, why? BECAUSE I SAID SO.

Artist Karadin
crossover Gackt x Sherlock
Media Pencil on Paper, Photoshop
Rated PG (some nudity)
Synopsis: Japanese superstar GACKT lives in a house will small versions of himself, roles he has portrayed in games, dramas, films and concerts. Sometimes guests drop by.
DO NOT REPOST, COLOUR OR TRANSLATE without expression permission of artist, thank you.

(click for large)

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Seiko Uchimura is a very talented fan who draws GACKT with great details in monotone. <3  She held her exhibit with GACKT as theme at Gallery Takahashi Nakajima in Nagano on 02/03~02/08/2011 (the first one was on 01/28~02/02/2010).


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What can you see
On the horizon?
Why do the whites’ gulls call?
Across the sea,
A pale moon rises
The ships have come to carry you home,

And all will turn
To silver glass
A light in the water
All souls pass.

Annie Lennox - Into the west

In this paper, I used a reproduction "Landscape with a castle" artist Zhukovsky V.A.
and scan GACKT - Visualive 2009 Documentary Book.

March 30 is scheduled output from a DVD and live album with the final performance of the tour

Done in anticipation of this event.
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Hope I did this right!

My submission for the Gackt Masterpiece Challenge:

Gackt in a Gustav Klimt type artwork - done almost totally in Photoshop, with maybe a bit of Illustrator, can't remember exactly. Klimt suggested himself to me because of the pattern and kind of Japanese-style textile-y-ish look!
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Gackt - Geisha in cherry bloss
by ~Kot1ka on deviantART

I beg to treat with humor to this work *)
I could not resist, Gackt is in such a position that does not make him a geisha was simply impossible)))
As a basis I took photos of Gackt GACKT x NEMURI KIMONO PROJECT
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My forth group of my Camui Gakuen mini comic series, 5 under the cut ;)
[First Part] [Second Part] [Third Part]

Artist: [livejournal.com profile] omg_its_gackt
Rating: PG-13
Subject: Camui Gakuen comics
Warning: Sexual Humor
Critique: Sure

A Day in the Life at Camui Gakuen - Part 4 )
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Artist Karadin
media collage of japanese chiyogami and textured paper and multi-color print
text in photoshop
copyright 2010 all rights reserved
warnings none
crit welcome
please do not repost (not entered into prize drawing)

This work is based on the art of oishi-e, 2-D images using chiyogami paper and linework approximating woodblock prints.
Samurai folding origami which comes to life, the bird is the red-crested crane native to Japan, symbolizing good fortune and longevity.

(click for large)

postcards and prints without watermarks available
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I can not remain silent about the Moon - perhaps my favorite album.
And Rain- i think that this song confirms the extraordinary talent
of Gackt and as a composer and as a vocalist.

This is not the image that was a Gackt at the time of this album Moon.
But I have this song associated with this way.

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I do not know why I do this job.
At first I just wanted to make a Gackt wings.
When I did it, I immediately thought of Genesis (a prototype of him, as we all know, is Gackt),
Crisis Core, Loveless and my series of works with books that you've already seen.

Here's what came of it:

A key place in the plot of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is the poem LOVELESS,
which throughout the game quotes Genesis.
Below is the text. Genesis begins
with the quote of the third chapter of the game.

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