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Yesterday GACKT.COM posted that they will no longer collaborate with DARTS. I-TM4U reports that while they were unable to contact DARTS last week, the main company store is still open and if they can place orders for you for Gackt related DARTS products they will be happy to do so.

I-TM4U also has an auction service, and plenty of DARTS jewelry is featured on these sites, so you may still be able to get that Six Gem Bracelet you've been wanting.

check out the shops Facebook page!

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pic of Gackt working (with his purple car in the garage)

I-TM4U are lauching a new auction system for those goods you want to get, particularly items which help fund recovery efforts in Japan.
ALSO Check the Blog for Japan News!
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Our friends at I-TM4U the Gackt Army International Fanclub Official Shop have let us know that as of today Japan will now ship packages over 16oz to the US!!!

*just in time to order your Nemuri Kyoshiro Box Set, yes?*
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Have you ever seen an item on Yahoo Japan that you've wanted, but couldn't navigate the site, or know how to place a bid? Our fanclub shop can help - for a limited time, there is only a 1,000 yen commission for any winning bid, no matter the amount of your bid.

*First time users only*

see details
Read more... )
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Site renewal!


You can use online request form (Shopping/Auctions) as usual.
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Along with procuring Gackt and any other Japanese goods on your behalf our Fanclub Shop I-TM4U can also assist you with tickets to concerts, sports, and theater events in Japan - This includes Gackt's upcoming performances in the spring of 2010!

You can check out their website J-Ticket Get or the I-TM4U site.

Because of our special relationship with the shop, I-TM4U has given GACKT ARMY members opportunities for exclusive and vintage Gackt Goods, discounts, sales by Japanese auction, assisted with purchases of concert tickets, offered recommendations for accommodations in Japan and resolved issues on behalf of GA members with DARTS by calling the shop directly, so that now when I-TM4U orders goods on your behalf, the staff at DARTS calls them!
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[livejournal.com profile] j_chaya is a brand new community moderated from Japan, here you can discuss Japanese traditional culture, the Floating World, Kimono, Bento, Kabuki, Sumo, Samurai, Geisha, as well as modern Jrock-Jpop, Anime, Dramas, Lolita fashion and more!

What are you favorite Japanese things?

Catch up with trends, new slang, as well as news on the latest products

See you there!
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new report on the production by Col. Wongkk

BARKS SURVEY who is the Music Prince?
Gackt comes in at no. 17

Ju-Ken has a pretty red shiny motorbike!

New Ticket Site launch from our community shop Jticket Get.
Discover everything you ever wanted to know about how to acquire tickets in Japan from many sources for theater, concerts, kabuki and sports.

Kawaguchi Autorace Clearfile scans
New Gackt Billboard
GA Mother's Day quiz
Gackt Attack?

Note: Gackt Army members make public posts as a service, content belongs to the poster. Gackt Army content should never be re-posted without consent. Incidences of re-posting keep members from sharing outside the community, let's not spoil things for everyone.
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i-TM4U is going to take GOLDEN WEEK holidays from 3rd to 6th May.

During holidays, we cannot order items/ send you invoice / make shipment / reply your questions.
or bid on Japanese auctions.

*Order items with payment by 2pm (Japan time)
*Make shipments if you've paid by Friday (Japan time)
*Auctions must send request by 2pm (Japan time)
We cannot accept request if the auction's end is during the holiday, gomen.

You may always send requests during GW holidays, but they will be on hold.
We are sorry for inconvenience. Thank you for your understanding.

*We still have a few slots for the 'Limited Edition Gackt Anniversary Singles Set' this is an offer only for GA members. check the post for details - if you are not on the approved list, you cannot get a set.

Our great thanks to our community shop, who has diligently worked to bring us exclusive goods and offers, concert tickets and accommodation for our members when they visit Japan! Anyone can become a member of the shop directly to get discounts and offers on other Japanese goods, from anime to loligoth fashion.
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If you buy a lot of goods from Japan (as I do) this handy calculator will give you an idea on what you should expect a package to cost (if you know size and weight) and now you might know if a seller is padding charges, for example, I've seen charges for a CD (EMS insured international) that should cost $20USD, being charged at $35-45USD.

Most of your charges are in shipping, so if you can, find a seller or a personal shopping site (such as I-TM4U) that will bundle goods for you.

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Still looking for a place to get your tour goods? Try our community shop - i-tm4u - since Gackt Goods are available for public purchase from the website and ship within Japan. Gackt Army Captains who are active will get a discount.
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Light up interior panel (2 designs)
Zippo metal lighter (2 designs)
set of five disposable lighters
package wipes
portable ashtray

*If this shop only ships within Japan, ask our community shop if they can acquire on your behalf, Gackt Army Captains and Officers have discounts.


Oricon Style
Gackt feature 3/27


Personality MariMari blogs on Gackt concert, and photo of Gackt with Mari!

"after Gackt left, the air was scented with perfume!"
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11th April / 6:30pm- / Okinawa convention theater (Okinawa konbensyon gekijou)
1 ticket
29,726 YEN
no detail on seat location (not a Premium ticket)
(price can be negotiated with seller)

I-TM4U will connect you with the seller, the contract will be made between seller and member, I-TM4U and Gackt Army will not be a party in any disputes. Offer is going to be promoted elsewhere, so if you have an interest, act soon.

Contact I-TM4U via inquiry form:
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When the General Manager of our Community Shop was on her way to work, she saw Gackt and snapped his picture for me with her cell phone. ! And I am very happy, but next time, take him off the wall!

image courtesy I-TM4U

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Our good friend in Shinjuku has set up a forum to test market new products, as well as check on trends for finding new merchandise for customers from Japan, (I know a lot of you are not only into Gackt, but manga, anime, drama, dolls and toys!) and btw, it's great place to meet people!

Please consider joining!

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The image “http://pics.livejournal.com/karadin/pic/001s884c” cannot be displayed, because it contains errors.

Make Maou-Sama lunch, and perhaps he will sing for you.

Two challenges - make the lunch
or make the box itself

(For rules check the challenge tag)

Each winner will receive a deluxe bento in our Army colors of Red and Black from OTOMETICK
Inside the Bento are RR2 Tour Stickers! (thank you Col. Shinigami for providing these!)

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to [livejournal.com profile] dybbuk_rei  who has won the Dears JESUS CD and DVD which was sent to us fresh from our community shop in Japan I-TM4U.

Thank you to everyone who entered, our next contest in May features RR2 Gackt Goods!
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Premium Tickets - are only available to members of the official Gackt fanclub Dears. These seats are in the front rows, and for Gackt's newest arena tours, sell for 30,000 yen. Only fanclub members can use these tickets, at the venue, you must show your Dears fanclub card and a photo id, and they will check, numerous times. A member can only buy one ticket for one venue, tickets are given out by lottery. Do not purchase these tickets if they show up at an auction, any Dears who sell their tickets will have their Dears membership revoked.

Regular Seating - are first available to fanclub members for the arena shows on February 15th. These sell for 7,800yen. Members can purchase more than one ticket. Tickets are by lottery. When these tickets go on sale to the public, it will probably be through Lawson. You must register with Lawson before being able to buy tickets through them. You may also purchase Gackt tickets (re-sold ) through JpAuction, but you will be paying more than face value.

For GA members who wish to purchase Gackt concert tickets, you may contact our community shop I-TM4U, and they might be able to help. Please request some time before tickets go on sale, and have funds available.

Note to concert goers - queue early for goods! Some items go fast!
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Hot juicy pics of the patent leather GHOST stage costume!

reports on the RR2 concert tour, as well as poster included!

*GACKT ARMY MEMBERS ONLY  can contact our community shop I-TM4U for a discount subscription service for all Japanese magazines that
feature Gackt - but you must inform the shop which magazines you want.


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