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Congratulations to Tokyo for being selected to host the 2020 Olympic games!  In 2012, the games were in London (only about 60 miles from where I live) and it made the whole year very exciting - and our Olympic coins still turn up in my change sometimes.

So, with the Olympics coming to Gackt country, I wondered what you would like his participation to be:

click here for pictures! )
and, if you could create a new category of Olympic sport expressly for Gackt to win (of course!), what would it be?

Let us know what you think!
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This isn't meant as a contest entry but, when I was hunting for suitable pictures, I thought that this photo was almost a complete Valentine image in itself.  I just added a few bits of extra baroque decoration and some text in case anyone was missing the point! 

The effect is quite like Gackt himself: complicated, shiny and unusual. 

Perhaps he is acting a pirate king, contentedly awaiting the arrival of his lover in his secret and treasure-studded lair! (the lair is probably a cave-cum-opera house echoing to the sounds of a violin and the sea).

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Mayan Day Sign : Serpent

Mayan Day Sign Serpent

You are difficult to pin down, and few ever penetrate your aura of mystery enough to truly know you well. You are a natural performer with not only a sense of the dramatic, but also a tendency to keep the act going well after the curtain has come down. Your emotional power is remarkable -- you are very affected by your feelings and are occasionally overcome by them. In this sense, you “wrestle with the serpent.”

 It is possible that you either have a sharp sex appeal, or you are sexually frustrated. When your life is in balance, your deep reservoir of primal emotional energies is enticing to others. You are probably regarded by others as highly intelligent. Serpent personalities tend to be interested in subjects that involve strategy and transformation, such as psychology. It is because you are so deeply in touch with the process of transformation that you try to gather as much wisdom as possible.

 TO FIND OUT YOUR OWN SIGN -  http://www.astrology.com/mayan-astrology

(LOL, so true! except for the 'Sexual frustration' part...hmm... i wonder!!! XDXD also the pervert in me tends to think of magnum-san when i think of serpent *coughs*. also i dunno how to tag this - a little help please?)

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I've been in a Gakupo mood as of late, and I actually watched this video for the first time yesterday!

Was this one of the many, MANY entries for that Gakupoid contest?

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Do Not Repost Images without permission.


Gackt's costume was to promote the game Dragon Nest where he voices the villan
Lady GaGa performed 'Telephone' on Music Station Japan.

For Fun!

Apr. 3rd, 2010 03:26 pm
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The white and black chibi G rabbits were used by GACKT to announce the RR2 VisualLive DVD release - a play on the similarities between the word 'rabbit' and scam', as some tabloid reports mentioned that G was scamming his fans by selling the DVD, then not producing it. The red chibi rabbit is our homage!
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This resort which is designed after a 16th century Dutch trading port was the setting for Gackt's PV for Kimi Ga Oikaketa Yume.

"Huis ten Bosch is a grand-scale Dutch-theme park about 40 minutes by rail from Nagasaki. Japanese weekend-trippers, short-breakers, honeymooners and school groups come here in big numbers, if only to escape the concrete jungle that is modern city living in Japan."


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Whenever I feel low, a dose of Gackt and SHINGO MAMA brightens my day!

a little preface, Shingo Mama is a character from Shingo Katori of SMAP, a very popular idol group. Here some fun is had with the camera, Gackt mentions how tall Shingo Mama is compared to the Kinki Kids, and Shingo Mama gets to 'tap' the gentleman she thinks would be a perfect date on the shoulder!

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Before the end of the year gets away (for those of us in this time zone) we can't not mention this:

After a break of three years GACKT RETURNS TO THE LIVE STAGE with 10 BRAND NEW SONGS!!!!
 While the story of Requiem and Reminiscence reprised the concept of the REBIRTH album and  tour of 2001, Gackt added more depth and resonance to this story which featured German SS soldiers turned into cyborgs as a metaphor of the inhumanity of war and the ability of the human spirit to rise above death itself.
GACKT brought along his excellent band GACKTJOB, his team of dancers,  a wonderfully designed set, effects and lighting to stun and delight both old and new fans. But what we will probably remember the most are the SONGS,from the hard rock IN FLAMES  to the technopop of GHOST the teasing frivolity of  KOAKUMA HEAVEN  to what has become a classic Gackt ballad OBLIVIOUS
This is what GACKT's Dears have been waiting for.
While it's simple, this says it best i think.

Arigato gozaimasu! Gackt-san.

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(KR Hibiki, KR Kabuto, KR Den-O, KR Kiva, KR Decade, GACKT, KR Kuuga, KR 555, KR Dragon Knight, KR Faiz, KR Blade)

I was never familiar with this particular tokusatsu series from Japan, having been reared on ULTRAMAN, but I knew that Gackt being asked to do the theme song for the 10th Anniversary of the current incarnation of the popular children's show was a BIG DEAL.

Perhaps even Gackt did not know what an influence this collaboration would bring, along with 3 hit singles, JOURNEY THROUGH THE DECADE, THE NEXT DECADE, and STAY THE RIDE ALIVE, Gackt would take a break from his tour to have a pivotal role in a film ALL RIDERS vs DAI SHOCKER as RIDERMAN from the classic series, and the young star of Kamen Rider Decade, Masahiro Inoue and Gackt became friends, both gentlemen speaking of the other in their blogs.

Now I'm watching all the Kamen Rider series I can find subs for! and  whole new generation of KR fans now know GACKT! RIDERMAN.
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My favorite GACKT moment of 2009 would have to be his appearance on Mr.Brain simply because I've always had this fantasy about him playing a really sinister villain, hehe~ (〃 ̄∇ ̄) Plus, it's always great to see GACKT's acting abilities (and to be distracted from the fact that Bunraku has yet to come out).

*An image from my favorite part of episode 2: the interrogation scene
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This was a great moment for me, because Gackt could have chosen to speak to the Selection Committee on behalf of the 'main' competition, (the Olympics) but instead, spoke on behalf of games that bring an awareness to those who have disabilities, as a parent of a disabled child, I was very happy that Gackt made this choice.

Dressed in a dark suit, wearing glasses, Gackt addressed the members of the committee in English, Korean and Mandarin as well as Japanese.

Check back in the com for our post on the event.
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It's hard to pick from among so many great moments this year, but I particularly LOVED when GACKT appeared twice on VS ARASHI. Because if GACKT's my fave idol, ARASHI is my fave group! 

Not only did GACKT's appearance win one of the highest ratings for the show this year, it showed an easy-going side of our Gacchan to Arashi fans, making him more approachable and more love able, if that's possible.


And if Ohno's response to GACKT giving him a ring for his birthday is anything to go by,  we'll see more of this particular 'Team Arashi + 1'.

(post your fave GACKT moments this year!)
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Here we have another kick-ass Kamen Rider theme song by the lyricist  of 'Journey Through the Decade' and 'The Next Decade'  - the band performing is Tourbillon.

Gackt stated SmaStation that his favorite Henshin or transformation was for Kamen Rider Kiva, the show which aired directly before Kamen Rider Decade.

The premise of Kamen Rider Kiva is pretty complicated! Kiva is portrayed by the adorable Sato Koji, (who is half human and half Fangire - or a soul sucking vampire) the show is divided between his story and that of his father Ootya, so the storyline hops between 2008 and 1986! (Wataru and his father never knew each other, the thing that links them is a precious violin, hence it's prominence in the opening.) 

Perhaps Gackt liked the Gothic look of Kiva, (for a kids show) the themes become quite dark toward the end.
This is one of my favorite Riders of the Heisei era, so you might want to check it out!

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Since Gackt referred to one of it's concepts in a Health and Beauty card from last year's Platinum Box, You promised to spend his days off in bed watching the anime on Blu-Ray, and Ju-Ken just finished building a model of an EVA.

Neon Genesis Evangelion, an anime and a manga serial, both of which follow the same basic storyline. The manga, written by Yoshiyuki Sadamoto, debuted in February 1995 - still running as of 2009. The manga was intended to raise interest for the anime. The anime consists of 26 television episodes which were first aired 1995-1996.

The series is devoted to a group that tries to defend the earth from aliens (called Angels) with sophisicated Mecha (human-driven robots like GUNDAM) but the pilots are young teenagers with considerable mental instability. Unlik GUNDAM, the EVA units are sleek in design, and have biological essences, called 'souls' that the pilots bond with.

The series includes a number of philosophical, psychological, and religious themes; and an idiosyncratic vocabulary of symbols and allusions drawing heavily on Christian and Kabbalistic symbolism, Buddhist beliefs, and the Japanese otaku subculture. The ending of the first anime was controversial, and even promoted death threats to the creators.

There has been interest in a live-action version of the story by WETA (special effects house behind Lord of The Rings) and directors like Steven Spielburg but these versions have western actors and the names have been changed, so far the project is in 'development hell.' (maybe where it belongs?)

see more at Wiki:http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Neon_Genesis_Evangelion_(anime)
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Hell, anyone could have told you that!


2:X JAPAN  3:Kawamura Ryuiichi  4:the GazettE  5:Domoto Koichi (Kinki Kids)

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In a recent interview GACKT stated that he is a carnivore, while we know he enjoys his protein, what he is referring to is the recent slang term in Japan, 'herbivore men'

Soshoku danshi or "herbivore men," is a term that describes the way that many men in Japan have become less ambitious and more laid back about life, happy to take it easy at home rather than pursue a woman for a night of passion, redirecting their energy into hobbies and men's fashions.

This is diametrically opposed to the older ideal of the Japanese male as dedicated to his career, womanizing and hard drinking! (the carnivore model!)

nikushoku joshi, are "carnivore women" more proactive in life and in their careers, happy to confess their feelings to a man rather than wait for him to make a move, and actively pursuing romantic love for themselves.
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While I thought Lost Angels was beautiful, Gackt's performance of Another World blew my mind, how can the man get BETTER?
And I've always had a little spot in my heart for Gackt's thigh strap to hold his guitar, so during this song he can swing it, with new added rotation in the hips.

thanks gubung for sharing the clip!


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