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Let's enjoy the holidays with this beautiful cover from GACKT from his Christmas live back in 2009. ^___^

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The true mark of the impact an artist has is to have their work performed by others, whether it's Gackt, or everyone today who is making themselves feel a little bit better on this 30th anniversary of the death of John Lennon by singing one of his songs.

*as broadcast on Japanese tv, their subtitles*
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Happened to hear this song today and thought to play this version. (originally appeared on the Crescent album)

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I'd like to share this with everyone since I graduate high school tomorrow. I'm a little choked up right now. Anyways thank you guys so much for accepting me as a part of the community and the Gackt fandom ^__^ <3
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This song makes me feel awesome. All must listen to it. <3 (You don't have to listen to it if you don't want, but you'll miss out on the cute lolz if you don't~ No pressure XD)

This is nai-nai cat from Jun-ji's second album Jun-ji 2

I did not upload this and unfortunately cannot give proper thanks since my dial up a the moment is being even more slow than normal. So sorry! >_< Please enjoy the vid <3
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One of the more epic GACKT fanvids for all nostalgic rabbit-kun and bunny-chan out there.
Dears, be aware of rather depressive mood ( _ _ )
Enormously atmospheric.

It's fairly old (apparently from July 4, 2005) and made by YTuser Linkingtasy, using Dir En Grey's "Ain't afraid to die") - and chance that you have seen this somewhere before is pretty likely.

let's enjoy it together, everyone, shall we?

I love well made Fanvideos, yet those I find often fail to 'satisfy' me...
If anyone of you come across a great FV, please do share so that we can enjoy it with each other, ne! ^_^b

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I fail, FAIL! I never heard this song before, or...rather this version. It sounds vaguely familiar... So I'm gonna spread it around in hopes to shed more light on it!

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While surfing on YT yesterday I found this video. I thought I'd share.

It's very sweet, and will definitely make you smile!
+laugh+ ^__^

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I've been feeling pretty inspired and uplifted lately, and so I thought 'why not spread the joy?'

This vid contains various clips from the summer tour, and you can tell it was a lot of fun! thanks, [livejournal.com profile] mun_chairudo for the vid! <3

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One of my favorite Gackt songs - and videos, tells the story very nicely. Poor Gackto, someone come give him a hug - but watch the pointy jewelry.

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One of my great 'driving songs' we all like to listen VERY LOUD. While I usually play a live from Jougen no Tsuki (2003) here is the earlier incarnation from Kagen no Tsuki (2002)
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Gackt did a cover of John Lennon's song at an event to tribute the singer. I really like the slow version best. This vid shows that version and the rock version, but I couldn't find just the slow one. I hope you all enjoy!

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The holidays can be stressful, so take a moment to sit back with a favorite drink (hot chocolate with peppermint perhaps) and enjoy this beautiful song.

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There's a meme going around, favourite song, and man, that's a tough one! I picked this one, because the song is as memorable as the performance. This was the end of the 2004 Sixth Day Seventh Night tour, Gackt was overwhelmed at the sight of thousands of blue penlights waved by fans which appeared to him as butterflies, and he didn't realize he was weeping as he sang.

Oasis live

Dec. 3rd, 2009 07:22 am
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This happens to be one of my personal faves, and a wonderful live, from the Sixth Day Seventh Night tour . Because a fellow Soldier was having a rough day, this always motivates me, this song was written by Gackt at the start of his solo career.

I loved how he merged ancient and modern Japan in this opening, and that he is returning to this theme again in 2010.


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