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What can you see
On the horizon?
Why do the whites’ gulls call?
Across the sea,
A pale moon rises
The ships have come to carry you home,

And all will turn
To silver glass
A light in the water
All souls pass.

Annie Lennox - Into the west

In this paper, I used a reproduction "Landscape with a castle" artist Zhukovsky V.A.
and scan GACKT - Visualive 2009 Documentary Book.

March 30 is scheduled output from a DVD and live album with the final performance of the tour

Done in anticipation of this event.
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Hope I did this right!

My submission for the Gackt Masterpiece Challenge:

Gackt in a Gustav Klimt type artwork - done almost totally in Photoshop, with maybe a bit of Illustrator, can't remember exactly. Klimt suggested himself to me because of the pattern and kind of Japanese-style textile-y-ish look!
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Gackt - Geisha in cherry bloss
by ~Kot1ka on deviantART

I beg to treat with humor to this work *)
I could not resist, Gackt is in such a position that does not make him a geisha was simply impossible)))
As a basis I took photos of Gackt GACKT x NEMURI KIMONO PROJECT
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I do not know why I do this job.
At first I just wanted to make a Gackt wings.
When I did it, I immediately thought of Genesis (a prototype of him, as we all know, is Gackt),
Crisis Core, Loveless and my series of works with books that you've already seen.

Here's what came of it:

A key place in the plot of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII is the poem LOVELESS,
which throughout the game quotes Genesis.
Below is the text. Genesis begins
with the quote of the third chapter of the game.

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Sep. 27th, 2010 05:41 pm
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Playing with photoshop when I should have been working!

Feel free to take but please credit :)

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Ok, it's only one small icon, but I've been playing with techniques in good old photoshop :)

Feel free to take if anyone wants it, but please credit, thanks!
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  I've been playing with some new software, and though I love photo mosaics, the art form has its limitations.  First, you must have enough digital storage to collect thousands of images.  And then, if you want to truly see your creation at it's best, you must take the file in a flash drive to someplace where it can be printed out in poster size.  Expensive!  Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy the much-reduced version of my experiment.  Please note, there are some tiny  images from the first Gackt Army Fanbook included in this image.  If anyone objects to their use, I can delete them from my data base.
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Mozilla Firefox has just updated, with the ability to create "personas" for your online headers, footers, etc.  It would be really great if one of our artists could use Gackt-themed fanart to create a persona. Just be sure not to use any copyrighted imagery!

For more information, go to getpersonas.com
Sample header- we'll see how long this one lasts before Gordie gets it:
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a hand-drawn card will not be ready by deadline, so here is a graphic version (I am not entering the drawing for a prize  - thanks abiona for running the challenge!)


 click for large (print size 3 x 5)
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I found some time to made a few more icons.
And from now on I ASK FOR CREDIT!
(I have my reasons for that)
There are 16 icons in total and 6 of them are older ones that I found on my PC so I decided to post them to.
So...I hope you like them. ;)

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Sep. 23rd, 2009 02:44 pm
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The manip I made last year (which was posted as a word and image here) has surfaced with my name cropped out of it

If you see this without my credit, let me know.
Thank you!

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Artist: [livejournal.com profile] gaurweth (with lots of advice on how to use the program by saanrio, I love you!)
Rating: G
Subject: Bunker shrine of Gackt and You
Critique welcome: yes
for [livejournal.com profile] gackt_army international fanclub - summer challenge 09

Click for larger image.
Please do not repost. Thank you.

Note: I thought it would be funny to have a "picture" of Gackt's secret shrine of his friend and then it evolved from there.

Gackt gifs

Aug. 14th, 2009 06:11 pm
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I did a few Gackt animated gifs.
I used Gackt's Next decade PV!
There will be some more!

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1200 x 800

Brushes credit to:
Scully7491 @ deviantart
Dave Seipp
Obsidian Dawn

Scans for feather image credit to:

Please credit me if you're going to use this as a graphic on your own journal. Thanks!
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Secret of GACKT
how to LOVE
If you want to be
love by it,
let's think in feelings
that you become
the dog and a cat.

Thanks to  darkness_kai for scans from Arena37 C Special, August '09.

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This CD cover just screamed for more sparkles; I'm sure any of you could do a better job.

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I would have liked to have done better with this idea but it's almost the deadline already so that's clearly not going to happen!  Researching the pictures from the various years was fun and I found some things that I'd never seen before;  I hope, if nothing else, it's a handy summary of how much ground Gackt has covered - and a reminder that he hasn't finished yet!


Please click through the image for the original 1152 x 864 resolution version - and many thanks to the very patient [profile] kazu_hisoka for explaining to me how to post with a preview like this.


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